Why Do Men Ignore Women

Why do men ignore women? Unfortunately, when it comes to relationship issues, there is no hard science that can conclusively provide an answer. There are just simply too many variables at play, and emotions aren't dictated by logic or reason. However, what you can do is try to examine the kind of relationship you have with the man in question to try and figure out what possible reasons he has to seemingly pass you over. Let's take a look at some situations you may find familiar.

Some men like to play hard to get.
Why? Because it works. No man wants to come off as desperate. Nothing turns a woman off faster than the guy who always seems to be hovering over her, asking her out and sending her unwanted advances. Smart guys will avoid this by being a little more aloof. If you have a flirtatious relationship with a man but find that some days he doesn't return your calls or seems to brush you off in other ways, it doesn't necessarily mean he's not interested. He just doesn't want to appear too desperate. More important, he doesn't want you to think of him as a "friend." In situations such as this, the guy wants to pique your interest by being a little mysterious.

Some men don't want to lead you on.
Of course, the opposite may be true. If a man is not interested, he might ignore or avoid you so as not to lead you on. Men like to avoid confrontation, so they probably won't tell you to your face that they're not interested. You'll have to pick it up from their body language and other signs. For example, if you flirt with a man and there's absolutely no reciprocation, his ignoring you is most likely a sign that he doesn't dig you as much as you want him to. Look for subtle hints in conversation, such as he's involved with another woman or he enjoys single life. It's a clear sign that he's not playing hard to get; he wants you to know he's not really interested.

Some men ignore women because of relationship problems.
If you find yourself in a relationship with a man who suddenly starts ignoring you, it's a serious sign of relationship problems. Ignoring partners' needs could be a sign of cheating spouses. But, before you jump to any conclusions, try to address the problem and get your man to open to you about what is wrong. Couples therapy can help clear the lines of communication when the relationship starts freezing up. Being open and honest with your partner is the best way to keep a happy and healthy relationship.

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