For the Guys: How to Tell She's Not Interested

No means no, but life is rarely this uncomplicated or direct. Even when you do not get a verbal statement of disinterest, there are a lot of other signs that signify she's not interested. The tricky part is that women may even be unsure about their interest, and hence can't tell you outright. If you do observe any of these behavior patterns in someone in whom you are interested; it may be time to look for a girl who is more receptive to your attention.

She avoids you. Whether she turns down dates or does not answer phone calls, it is all the same. While we all have emergencies, if avoidance becomes a pattern, then she is just not that into you. Also, if she avoids eye contact and limits interactions when you do go out, it's a sign she is not interested.

She keeps dates impersonal. If you are trying to move the casual dating phase to the next level, away from coffee shops to more romantic one-on-one dates and she does not want to do that, she is not ready for you to be her guy. Even she may not know that about herself.

She won't introduce you to her friends. While the initial dating stage is certainly a one-on-one time period for getting to know each other, eventually it will be time to move forward and integrate each other's friendship circle. If she shows no interest in introducing you to her friends or makes excuses when you suggest for her to meet your buddies, it may be time to move on without her.

She focuses on other guys. Sure, everyone talks about their friends. However, if she constantly goes on about an ex-boyfriend or other male friends, either from her circle or yours, she is not interested in you. Also, if she keeps looking at other men when you are with her -- to the point of not concentrating on the conversation -- you likely will not capture her long-term attention.

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What women want to hear is pretty simple. They want to hear you talk about what you're feeling.

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