Learn How to Say What Women Want to Hear

The key to learning what women want to hear is to simply listen. Usually, people will tell you exactly what they want to hear. If they don't tell you directly, they usually give big signals indirectly. Admittedly, though, being in a relationship can make things a little more complicated.

When you're dealing with what a woman wants to hear in a relationship, you're usually talking about a communication of emotions. This not only means communicated your own emotions, but understanding her emotions. It's about what you both think and what you both feel.

I Feel
There are two important words you must know if you want to say what women want to hear. The two words are simply "I feel." There is more to "I feel" than just sore or tired, though. You can feel sad, frustrated, embarrassed or happy. It's the ability to identify these feelings and express them that women want.

The phrase, "I feel" also translates into better communication. There's a big difference between telling a women "You're ignoring me" and "I feel like you're ignoring me." The first is likely to start a fight and the second is likely to start a discussion.

I Think
Another important phrase to learn when you want to say what women want to hear is "I think." Your thoughts, dreams and questions are something you should be able to express freely. There nothing wrong with expressing your inner most thoughts, especially to someone you're in a relationship with.

The best way to use the phrase "I think" is to pair it with a compliment. "I think you look fantastic today" may only be six words, but it can have a huge impact. Women are constantly badgered about their physical appearance in society. The validation of beauty from someone they love can help lift a huge burden from their shoulders.

I Want
"I want you" is a simple sentence that can sometimes get you out of the doghouse. "I want you to be happy" is an even better line to get you out of trouble. It's not just women that want to hear this, anybody would have a hard time not feeling good about being desired or being loved.

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If you're confused about what women want in a man, you're not alone. The plain truth is different women want different things.

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