What Do Women Want

Men often wonder, what do women want? It's the ultimate question with a very complicated answer. First of all, women do not all think and act alike. There are some similarities, of course, but not all women are the same. So, not all women want the same thing. However, it's hard to deny that most women want some basic, common things in their men.

Loyalty may sound like something you look for in a dog, but it's an important aspect of any human relationship. Knowing that you are willing to forsake others for just one woman is a powerful force. Though your eye may wander, as long as she knows your heart is true, that loyalty will be cherished.

A woman wants to know you'll actually be there when she needs you. Regardless if it's to change a baby's diaper in the middle of the night or fix a broken cabinet on a Sunday afternoon, you need to stand up and do what needs to be done. A relationship without a reliable partner is like riding a roller coaster without a safety bar, plain dangerous.

Despite the popular myth, not all women want a rich man. However, a stable man, be it financially or emotionally, is always desirable. You don't need to be a millionaire to be able to pay your bills. You don't need to be a Zen master to learn to control your temper. You just need to have a bit of a stable foundation in your life and in your personality.

Basic communication skills are a must for any type or relationship, be it work or romance related. What attracts women is a willingness to communicate, not just the skills to do it effectively. Being willing to talk and listen means being willing to learn. Learning about each other almost always helps strengthen a relationship.

Nobody wants to be in a relationship with somebody who is basically cruel. A sense of empathy in vital in any human being. Lack of empathy is literally one of the definitions of a psychopath. There needs to be kindness in you and in the relationship to help both of you grow in a positive light. Otherwise the relationship just becomes a soul sucking experience. 

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What women want to hear is pretty simple. They want to hear you talk about what you're feeling.

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