Bad Date Stories You Can Learn From

Bad date stories are a natural part of searching for love. Anyone who has ever been on more than a few dates has a story or two. They happen to everyone, regardless if we admit it or not. A bad date is nothing to be ashamed of, though. It's a lesson learned and another situation you know not to get into.

Bad Date Story 1
Paula and Joe went to a trendy restaurant on their first date. After being seated, Joe noticed that his ex-girlfriend was also in the restaurant. After spending at least an hour staring at her, he suddenly gets up and storms over to her table. There is a heated exchange and Joe walks out, leaving Paula confused and unable to pay the bill.

Paula made the mistake of dating somebody who had just recently ended a long-term relationship. Obviously there were still feelings between Joe and his ex-girlfriend, setting a terrible stage for what happened at the restaurant. Paula also forgot the cardinal rule of keeping some emergency money on hand just in case it turned out to be bad first date.

Bad Date Story 2
Adam and Eve had been dating for a few months when Adam decided to spontaneously introduce Eve to his entire family. Inviting her over to dinner one night, he also invites his parents and sister. When Eve arrives, she is noticeably nervous and startled. Half way through the night she claims to feel ill and goes home. Adam never sees Eve again.

Adam made a huge mistake by introducing Eve to his parents without a warning. Some surprises are sweet and some are unsettling. Meeting your date's parents is always a situation you want to be prepared for. By putting Eve into such an awkward situation, he scared her off for good.

Bad Date Story 3
Amy and David decided to have lunch at a fancy café for their third date. Amy showed up an hour late, dressed in workout clothes. Explaining she had forgotten that date and went to exercise, she apologizes profusely. However, as she's apologizing, she also happens to be dripping sweat into David's salad. Disgusted, David excuses himself from the table, never to return.

Amy was terribly rude to David, especially in admitting she simply forgot about their date. Amy also forgot that cleanliness is next to godliness, especially when it comes to dating. She should have called David and either cancelled the date or asked if he could wait a tiny bit longer. She then should have showered off and dressed appropriately for the date.

Bad Date Story 4
Luke was extremely attracted to Laura, even though he knew she had a bad reputation as a player. In fact, even Laura's own sister had told Luke that Laura was going to play him. Nevertheless, Luke was willing to let her have the benefit of the doubt. After two cancelled first dates, they finally meet for dinner when Laura runs into her not-quite ex boyfriend. An awkward conversation ensues and Laura drives off with the guy, pretending she came to the restaurant alone.

Luke made a huge mistake, he went against his gut. Everyone told Luke that Laura was a player, even his own sense told him that. But he decided to ignore everything and go out with her anyway. Sure enough, the player played him. One hard lesson learned.

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