Understanding Bad Moods in Men

A man in a bad mood is nothing to cough at.  Though it may be more common to discuss women and mood swings, a man has the ability to be as moody, emotional and irrational as any woman. However, where women will be called hysterical, emotional, irrational or moody, men are usually just defined as grumpy.

Male mood swings are usually impacted by two things: emotions and testosterone levels. It doesn't take medical experts to understand why a man who just lost his job would be in a bad mood. However, mood swings that seem unrelated to life problems are usually cause by a fluctuation in chemical levels.

Men have emotions just like women do. How they deal with those emotions is personal, though. You need to know a little about the man in question to truly understand what emotions might invoke mood swings. What are the stress factors? Does he get angry, depressed or anxious when he feels stressed? Knowing this can help you anticipate and navigate any extreme mood swings.

One large emotional stress factor for most men is finances. Due to the male's role as a bread winner in society, men often feel high levels of stress when it comes to financial matters. While most male mood swings can be traced to emotions or testosterone levels, financial problems are also a possible source of stress.

Testosterone is an important part of basic male physiology. The large supply of testosterone is what makes a male a male. Dramatic increases or decreases in this chemical can easily effect men mentally as well as physically. Unlike women, who usually have around 7 days of problems, these fluctuations in men happen rapidly, over a few hours or a few days.

Testosterone fluctuations are a normal thing for male bodies. High levels usually cause aggression and agitation. Low levels usually cause fatigue and depression. However, extreme fluctuations could be the symptom of more serious problems. Among the many mental and physical issues possible is a rather unknown problem called Andropause.

Andropause is the male form of menopause that can wreak havoc on testosterone and estrogen levels in the body. It's nothing life threatening and can be treated with the same sort of techniques as menopause. 

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