Creative Date Ideas for Guys

Women can come up with creative date ideas for guys. Who says that the man in a relationship has to come up with the perfect date ideas? You can surprise your fellow with a date that caters to him and the bond you two share. Whether he's more artistic or athletic, he'll love the thought and care that you put into making the most of your quality time.

The Main Event for the Sports Guy
Your guy is a huge sports fan and a big game is coming up for his favorite team. If he's the kind of spectator who typically settles down in front of the television with a six-pack and a bag of chips, show him that you're his biggest fan with special game-themed creative date ideas.

Make or buy some of his favorite foods, those that fit within the overall theme of the sports world. Chips and dip or nachos are classic pre-game snacks, while his favorite sandwich will be a big halftime delight. If you want to provide healthy balance, include sliced vegetables or fruit into the equation. Complete the picture with his favorite beverage as you two settle in to watch the game.

Now - and this is important - if you are not the biggest sports fan yourself, but want to share in your guy's passion, studying up is going to be key. The date itself is not the time to ask about what precisely what an onside kick means in football. Take some time to learn the lingo and the names of players on his favorite team. Not only will he be impressed with the fact that you know what you're talking about, he will be touched that you are taking the initiative to learn about and experience something that is important to him.

A Nature Walk for the Outdoor Lover
If your partner is more in touch with the great outdoors than a sports arena,here are some creative data ideas to spend a quality day with Mother Nature. Assemble a picnic basket full of tasty treats - making sure that it's not too heavy to comfortably carry - and set off for a leisurely walk along a nearby trail or his favorite outdoor spot. The walk will give you the opportunity to ask specific questions about his love of nature that you might not have otherwise thought of during conversations in the past. For instance, what was his favorite memory growing up that relates to nature? Where should you two travel to see something he's always wanted to see up close?

Make sure that you plan accordingly, however. If the area you are going to explore is unfamiliar to the two of you, bring a map and conduct research on the terrain. Don't forget the bug spray and be sure, especially if you're walking a trail, to consider the walk back. Nothing kills a romantic vibe like a lovely five-mile walk into the great outdoors and the need to trudge back five miles to get back home.

Poetry Pairings for the Literary Man
For those who love to devour the pages of great literature or poetry, linking your relationship to some of the magical pairings of the past can make for an unforgettable evening.

Settle in with a cozy plate of finger foods and a bottle of wine or sparkling cider, placed on a table between two comfortable chairs. Read poetry and literary love letters to each other. As you read, make a point to look up over the top of your book and lock eyes with your sweetheart for a more powerful connection.

While any of your favorite authors will do, of course, you can make the bond especially special if you each read from one half of a literary twosome. Great examples include Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning for a real-life love story; for a fictitious spin, partner up for the love exchanges included within William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Looking for another great Shakespearean couple to read? Turn to the playful sparring between Benedict and Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing.

These creative date ideas will impress your guy and show him you care.

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