Romantic Evening Ideas

Everyone deserves a little love and attention on their birthday. Birthdays can be spent with friends and family, but when the party ends, the real celebrating can begin. We have the romantic evening ideas that will make the special birthday person - and their significant other - happy to be a part of the world.

Sometimes it's not the birthday itself but what you do that makes it romantic. A little planning may be necessary, but it will be well worth it when you see the romance that will be sparked over the course of the evening.

Birthday "pops"
For your special someone purchase a select number of balloons, usually the age the birthday guy or gal will be. Write short notes or directions on pieces of paper and insert them into the balloon before inflating. Have the birthday person pop each balloon during the romantic evening and follow the directions on the note. You can have your partner take a romantic bath with you, feed each other strawberries and whip cream, engage in a long passionate kiss; the ideas are endless. Not every note needs to have something to do. You may just wish to write romantic sentiments or even a puzzle that they must piece together in order to complete the evening.

Hunting down the romance
If your birthday guy or gal is the adventuresome type, send them on a bit of a chase before the romantic birthday evening begins. Star them out in one location with one birthday card or note and direct them what location to go to next. Make sure to get the approval and cooperation from other locations. Have a new note or card with the next location waiting there for them along with a small gift; something that might clue them in on the evening. By the end of the hunt, your sweetheart should be ready to celebrate and loving the special notes and gifts they picked up along the way.

A romantic evening in can be the perfect end to any birthday. Draw a bath for two, set the mood with candles, music or incense, and enjoy each other's company. After the bath, you can enjoy a slice of cake, watch some movies or cuddle up for a little romance between the sheets. It is a sure way to make him or her feel like every day is their birthday.

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