Plan a Romantic Date for a Guys Birthday

If your honey's birthday is coming up and you want to do something special and plan a romantic date for him, you may be racking your brain for the perfect idea. Romancing your man can be tough, since their ideas of a romantic evening are usually quite far from what you might enjoy. Men have it easy, seducing women with flowers, candy and candlelight, while women stress and struggle with ideas to add romance to his special day. Here are a few great romantic ideas for a guy's birthday, ideas that can help you to create a wonderfully romantic day for your partner's birthday.

Homemade dinner for two
If money is tight and quality time has been at a minimum, cooking a special dinner for him, including wine and a special dessert can be just the ticket to spark romance. Whoever said that the way to a man's heart was through his stomach knew what they were talking about.

Weekend getaway
Surprise him with a trip to one of his favorite retreats for the weekend. Go to the beach, to the mountains, or camping. You can even rent a room with a Jacuzzi right in your own town. The change of scenery can be romantic and enjoyable for you both.

Treat yourself
Buy yourself a gift of new lingerie and wear it for him as a romantic birthday surprise. Nothing will make his birthday happier than seeing you wrapped up as his special gift.

Surprise gifts
Every man has one big thing that they've been dreaming of having, but just can't justify the expense. If you can make it happen, get him that expensive TV, golf course membership or fancy new car that he has been wanting forever. Though you don't need to buy his affection, it will certainly show how much you care and pay attention to his wants.

Add your own personal touch to one of these ideas or just use them to spark your creativity to come up with a romantic birthday treat that the man in your life would love. By making his day special and romantic, you can help to take your relationship to a whole new level - and set yourself up for a romantic birthday in return.

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