The Second Date: Great Date Ideas

First dates are often our best attempt at wooing a prospective love interest. We anticipate with optimism the opportunity to intoxicate this potential amour with our worldly wisdom, sensual style or manly panache. But sometimes these efforts portray us as someone other than who we truly are. Dinner at a world-class restaurant, drinks at a chic lounge or dancing at a nightclub may be just a few tantalizing tactics used to draw a fair maiden or handsome prince into our good graces. And if all that glitz and glamour works, voila, you have a second date! But then what?

The key to the second date is to determine if the initial attraction was real. Was it your eclectic personality, your Casanova-like charm or intellectual capacity that enamored your date, or was it just the high-priced atmosphere, big spending and your savvy wit that made you so seem attractive?

Does the second date seem too soon for a quiet dinner, a scenic walk, a picnic at the park or a movie out? Well, sorry, Charlie! Great date ideas call for a little privacy. Find a spot where you can have a quiet conversation with few interruptions. If you are uncomfortable being in a completely private situation so early in a relationship, maybe a cafe or quiet restaurant will be more to your liking. Just make sure the focus of the date remains on getting to know one another and not on high-priced drinks, expensive dinners and pricey entertainment. Questions and conversation should be the focus of date number two.

If this person is worthy of your attentions, and possibly a third, fourth or fifth date, then this is the time to find out. Better to determine if they are only after your flash and cash, glitz and bling, or body or brawn, sooner than later. Wasting time and money skirting personality issues will only prolong the inevitable let-down and keep you from advancing your search for a better candidate.

Staging your date in a quiet atmosphere will set the tone for a more intimate conversation. Finding an environment that is conducive to talking and listening is important in getting to know your date and why he or she is really interested in you. Therefore, look for a peaceful, relaxed, comfortable setting. Then both you and your date you can accomplish this at ease, rather than straining to communicate over the din of restaurant conversation or the pumping booms of dance club speakers.

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