Trend Alert: Kissing School

Ever wonder if your kissing skills are up-to-snuff and are helping you in your wooing efforts? You are not alone... in fact, enough people have this concern that kissing clinics are springing up. One prime example: The Kissing School in Seattle, created and facilitated by Cherie Byrd. For would-be students who don't live in Seattle, Byrd also sets up "playshops" ("workshops" is the wrong word because "love shouldn't be work," Byrd notes) around the country-go to to request a stop in your town. The introductory class is an all-day affair, and you sign up with a partner (you wouldn't want to practice with a total stranger, would you?). The fee is $275 per couple in Seattle; $350 elsewhere.

he Kissing School offers fun "exercises," include licking juice off one another's faces, but the lessons aren't so much about perfecting your technique by, say, tilting your head to just the right angle. The real goal lies in training your mind, where the key kissing connections are made. "A lot of people are narcissistic kissers," Byrd says. "They're into how they feel when they're kissing. They should learn to feel what their beloved is feeling. Look into their eyes. Match their breath."

While most students are tense at the beginning of class, Byrd says they leave feeling energized and very confident. And instead of a gold star, some class members leave with this perk: They experience a swoon for the first time-that's the dizzy feeling you get from a good, sexy kiss. Not a bad way to finish up some coursework in our book!

Natalie Ermann Russell is a freelance writer based in Virginia.

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