Five Great Dating Tips for Shy Men

For some men, asking a woman out on a date comes naturally. They're self-confident and at ease with the opposite sex. Others are shy around women, in large part because they fear rejection. If you're too shy to ask a woman out, here are five great dating tips.

1. Dress to impress

Save the tatty jeans and T-shirt for laundry day or doing chores. For dating, the right clothes and accessories are important. When you look good, you feel good and have more confidence.

2. Show good manners

When approaching a woman, don't rely on hackneyed pick-up lines. Be friendly and polite and take it easy. Don't think of her as a potential girlfriend, but as a woman you might like to get to know better. Engage in some friendly conversation, smile and ask her a question. If she's aloof and keeps her answer short -- it's not a good sign. If she answers your question and asks you about yourself, you're winning ground.

3. Break the ice with a compliment or question

If approaching a woman for conversation is too difficult for you, pay her a compliment instead. For example, if you like a woman you meet at a bowling alley, smile and say 'Nice game.' Chances are she'll smile back at you, which could be an opportunity to start a conversation. Before you know it, you might have something going.

Or, if you're at a bookstore or library and see a woman you're interested in, ask her what she's reading. If she relates a bit of the story, ask a follow-up question. From there it's easy to ask her out for a cup of coffee.

4. Watch her body language

Be mindful of how a woman responds to you. Does she look away or make eye contact? Look at her eyes. Whether a woman is 25 or 45, if she likes you, her eyes will sparkle. Notice her arms and hands. If she doesn't cross her arms, or if she uses her hands when she talks, she's relaxed in your company. If she seems a little reserved, don't worry, she might be shy too.

5. Be attentive

When you're out on a date, relax and be yourself. There's nothing wrong with being a little nervous, your date might like that in you. Just be sure to pay her a sincere compliment or break the ice in a casual way. Don't rehearse this; let it come spontaneously.

Other than these five dating tips, rest assured that many women like shy men. In the company of a shy man, a woman knows that she's not one in a long line of girlfriends or just another conquest.

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