How to Attract the Kind of Man You Want

Do you complain to your friends that you always pick the wrong guys to date? Does every relationship seem to end the same way? There may be a pattern in the type of style or personality to which you are drawn that doesn't make for a lasting companionship. Or, even worse, you may be attracting only the kind of guys that really aren't right for you.

Know What You Want
The first step to attracting the kind of man you want is knowing what you want in the first place. Try to be realistic. Sure, many of us would be interested in a hot stud who's also smart, athletic, funny, successful, unafraid of commitment and loves children. The reality is, however, that nobody's perfect - you're not, so don't expect your man to be.

Figure out what's perfect for you. It may end up being crooked teeth, a receding hairline and a wicked sense of humor. Think about traits that would be most important to you; they probably are things that you particularly like about yourself. It's often more important to attract what you are, rather than what you think you want. For instance, are you really attracted to the guys with tattoos and bad attitudes, and always wonder why they ride their Harley off into the sunset - without you? You may be a great girl, but it's hard to tame a wild beast, and ultimately you may not have compatible qualities or want the same things.

Keep in mind that "variety is the spice of life" may sound like a cheesy cliché, but there is some truth to it. Maybe you will get the most excitement and the biggest connection with a kind of guy you have never dated before. Unfortunately trial-and-error is the only way to find your match, but keep an open mind and an open heart when figuring out what you want.

Now That You Know What You Want, Go Out and Get It
Once you realize that there is a reason why those players you like so much never stick around - and once you realize you actually need someone just like you, you are ready to go find your Mr. Right.

There are a few simple qualities about you that attract every kind of man: confidence, independence, an inviting smile, a sense of humor. The important thing for every woman is to be approachable. Your body language says everything when wanting to attract a man. If you go out at night with your girlfriends and you spend the entire evening as part of a pack, how is a guy supposed to come over and strike up a conversation? Alternatively, how is a guy going to take you seriously if you are all over him and fondling him in a public place?

It may sound like a no-brainer, but if you're the kind of girl who really likes sports, go to a game or a sports bar to find your man. But if you're also smart and looking for a guy who can keep up, wear a sweatshirt from your university. You may run into a sports-loving brainiac from your alma mater. Being true to yourself is the best way to find a guy who will be true to you too. Don't go to trendy club looking to find a match if your real idea of a good time is going to a book club. Doing this you will discover a man who shares your interests, and most importantly, appreciates you for you.

When it's all said and done, patience is always the key to attracting the kind of man that you want. Never settling, never getting discouraged and taking your time is going to make finding your perfect man all the sweeter.

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