First Date, First Kiss Tips: How to Say No to a Kiss

It is normal not to hit it off with every single person with whom you go on a date. Thus, it is normal to not want a kiss from the person you are out with. However, if you feel as if the other person might lean in for the kiss, it is important to learn how to say no to a kiss - a different set of first date tips, if you will. If you handle this with class and grace, you can minimize the awkwardness of the situation and keep from completely emotionally scarring the person you are out with.

Body language says it all when it comes to first kiss. Thus, if you keep your distance and do not seem overly interested in your date, then they should be able to take the hint. For example, if you did want to show someone you were interested in them, you could touch their arm or playfully slap their shoulder while talking. If you want to show someone that you are not interested, then you would want to keep a lot of distance from them and to even lean away while the two of you talk. This way, there are no mixed signals. You do not have to be mean, but you do not want them to think that you are interested.

If all else fails, there is always the cheek move. If he leans in for a kiss despite the hints you have dropped, you can always turn your head so that he has to kiss your cheek. It's a classy way of showing your date that you are not interested, and it's a quick fix in the event that he leans in at the end of the date.

If you do not even want a kiss on the cheek, you can always make your exit a quick one. If something "suddenly" comes up or if you forgot about plans, you can leap up and apologize while making a quick exit. The quicker your exit, the less likely he will be to try and give you a kiss goodbye. If he tries to make another date with you, play it cool and say you'll have to see.

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