First Date Tips--The First Kiss

As you lean in closer, you can feel the heat forming between your bodies. You close your eyes and start to pucker your lips. You miss, lose your balance and fall onto your face. A first date is stressful enough without making a fool of yourself. From the first invitation to the first kiss, it's all about preparing, relaxing and going with the flow. Otherwise, you could end up finishing your first date with a bruised ego and a broken nose.

Be Prepared
Not only do you want to look good, but you also want to smell good and, to put it bluntly, taste good. Nobody wants to kiss someone who smells like garbage, has breath like a dog and tastes like a rotten apple. You need to prepare your lips, mouth and teeth just in case you do get that coveted smooch.

Start by brushing your teeth very well. You want to do this a bit before the date to avoid having strong toothpaste breath. Most people don't realize that it's the gums and tongue that really hold on to that bad breath smell. Gently brush your gums, and clean your tongue. This will help keep your breath fresh and ready for kissing all night. Use mouthwash if needed, but remember to use it far enough in advance that the medicine smell wears off.

Clean your lips as well. Really, the lips are the most important machine for kissing, and they need to be in tip-top shape. If you have flaky and dry lips, try very lightly exfoliating away the dead skin with your toothbrush.

Hydrate and soften your lips with a quality moisturizing lip balm. Avoid anything too shiny or waxy because those products tend to gunk up and gather in the corner of the mouth.

If your date involves a meal, follow the standard dating advice of avoiding any dish with garlic because that smell won't go away for a long time. Drink water throughout the meal to prevent dry mouth, and bring along some breath mints just in case.

Go Slow
There's never any need to rush that first kiss, so remember to take your time. A first anything is special, but a first kiss can set the tone for the entire relationship. Get to know your date, and allow time for both of you to become comfortable. You need to find out if the date is going to go well or poorly before you decide on a kiss, anyway.

Almost any set of dating tips will have one rule in common: Read the signs. Those little glances and physical contact let you know how a date is going. If you notice plenty of laughter, smiling, touching and conversation, there's a pretty good chance you'll get a kiss. The exact opposite-silence, no physical contact, no smile-means a kiss is unlikely.

Find the Right Moment
Every first date has a little awkward silence now and then, so don't worry too much about it. An awkward silence toward the end of the date is the perfect time to lean in and try to get a kiss. However, you want to be alone for a first kiss, so don't even think about attempting it if you and your date are still in public. The last thing you need is for anyone else to see you get denied.

Be gentle and a little slow at the actual moment you lean into the kiss. Nobody likes to be assaulted or caught off guard. Give your date enough time to realize what's going on, and make sure they have a chance to react before your lips actually meet.

Going slow with that initial kiss allows enough time and thought for your date to give a final signal. If they lean in, too, you know the kiss is going to happen. If they balk, turn their head or lean away from you, you know it's either too soon or never going to happen.

Though it may seem like good manners to ask a date for a kiss, it really tends to ruin the moment. Body language should be giving you the answer, so just look for open posture and a smile. Bringing something as stressful as a first kiss out into the open may relax you both a little, but it destroys the magic.

Be Gentle
Keep the kiss sweet and relatively short. Think of the first kiss as a dating test drive. You need to find out all the mechanics of the particular lips you're kissing before you try any fancy tricks. Remember to touch your date while kissing them. Nothing naughty, just a gentle stroke of the face or hand on their shoulder helps give your kiss extra kick.

Never shove your tongue into your date's mouth. You've made the first important move, and now it's time to for them to respond. If your date wants things to get a little steamier, they can make that move without too much fear. However, if you make that move, you're being too aggressive. Relax, just sit back and enjoy this magical first kiss.

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