How to Turn Men On Subtly

Wondering how to turn men on without appearing obvious? If you want to entice a particular man, you will want to try these subtle tricks.

Offer Up a Visual Buffet
Men are visual creatures. They love to look at women's bodies and faces; it's a natural biological fact. Give the man you're interested something to look at. This means you need to pay close attention to your grooming habits:

  • Wax any excess hair. Yes, he does notice that faint mustache and those ungroomed brows.
  • Get advice on make up and skin care from an esthetician.
  • Learn how to style your hair in an attractive manner.
  • Get help with your clothes. You'll want to wear clothing that highlights your figure and sex appeal without looking trashy. Look your best whenever you are around this man.

Use Your Eyes
Make sure you play up your eyes by applying makeup and styling your hair such that your eyes are the focus of your face. Make eye contact and hold his gaze for longer than normal, using your eyes to convey your intentions. Flirt with your eyes by glancing away and then back at him seductively, winking, and arching an eyebrow while teasing him. Play with him with your eyes, making sure you maintain eye contact.

Touch Him
Men don't get touched nearly as much as women do, so your touch sends a powerful message. Touch his hand or arm when talking to him, or touch his shoulder as you lean into him and speak into his ear. Hug him when greeting him or saying goodbye if it's at all appropriate, and lean into him, allowing your body to brush up against him when possible.

Compliment Him
Men don't get as many compliments as women either, so your compliments will go a long way. Compliment him on his hair, his clothing, his performance at work, his sense of humor and his body.

Show a Little Skin
Look for opportunities to allow him to get a glance at what you're hiding from the rest of the world--without anyone else knowing. Don't let him leer or make your efforts obvious; instead let him think he is getting lucky.

Make The First Move
Make a joke or two that lets him know you've got a naughty side, and that naughty side would like to play with him, if he's looking for a playmate. Play it off that you're just being saucy or racy so you won't be too obvious, but let him wonder if you were hitting on him. If he responds well, you can suggest the two of you pursue more intimate activities. Many couples are made up of women who are more aggressive and men who like to be pursued, so don't be afraid to make the first move if he seems interested but hesitant. He may be shy and need a little encouragement before he'll dare to make a move.

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