Am I in Love?

The ex factor

Remember the ex who broke your heart? No? If your current love interest made you forget about that big, prior heartbreak and you have trouble even remembering what was so great about that person, then you are in love with the current subject of your affection. Hardly anything cures a broken heart like a new love.

Always on my mind

If he or she is the first thing you think of when getting up and the last thing on your mind when going to sleep, it's love. Also, you'll find that things on TV or in conversation will jog a memory that relates to your relationship. Favorite colors, flowers, music groups and random bits of conversations all remind you of her or him because you are in love.

Habits are not annoying

Issues about toilet seats left up or too much makeup on the counter don't exist when in love. Minor quirks simply don't bother couples when they are truly in love. Even better: You can joke about these things without hurting each other's feelings.


If you find yourself finishing each other's sentences or change subjects to the same thing at the same time, you have a special connection. Yes, being on the same wavelength can be a big indicator of being in love.

What hot guy/girl?

If you seem to notice attractive people less often and they don't stack up to the subject of your affection, that's love. If you do notice those other people, it might be in passing, and you won't find yourself physically attracted to them.

Spending time

When meeting up, you don't obsess about finding something to do and having to plan every minute of the date. You are perfectly content to do absolutely nothing at all as long as you get to be with him or her.

Long-term plans

In addition to wanting to spend time with your loved one in the present, you make plans for future events. You even picture yourself spending future holidays together as a couple. If you have not introduced your honey to family yet, you are at the very least thinking about it, and you are not afraid of what family members might think or say about the relationship.

Stupid rules go out the window

When in love, you don't worry about three-day calling or texting rules or playing any of the other waiting games. Both of you are comfortable to make plans when you miss each other and call when you want, all while still respecting boundaries like work and late hours.

If you are still unsure and wonder if it is just a physical thing, try picturing your partner with a different hair color, no hair, a different clothing style or extra weight. If none of these things bother you, you are most likely in love.

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