Does He Really Love Me

Finding love isn't easy. You date, sort and eliminate many undesirables in your adult life. Then you find yourself falling in love. You feel happy and optimistic, and nothing dampens your excitement. But have you asked yourself, "Does he really love me back?" After all, you don't want to waste your emotions and energy on someone who might break your heart.

Obviously, everyone's different. Some men are more open about their emotions than others. It's good to look at his behavior toward you, observe his body language and listen to what he is telling you. Pretend you are piecing together a puzzle to see a full picture.

When a guy is falling in love with you, he can't get enough of you. He will be eager to call you, see you, spend time with you. A person in love genuinely wants to know your thoughts. He becomes more animated in your presence.

If it's love, he tells you his dreams, life goals and passions. He opens up about favorite memories and shares painful ones at times. When he speaks to you, he is sharing part of his life with you because he wants you in it. If a guy starts a sentence with, "I've never told anyone this before, but…", it's a great sign.

Listen to people who have known him longer than you have. If friends and family comment on a noticeable change since dating you, or that he seems much happier since meeting you, that's promising. You might discover you've been the main topic of his conversation. It becomes obvious that not only are you in his thoughts often, but also that you are leaving a strong impression.

Has he taken risks for you? For example, he hates dancing, but, because you love it, he gets up and tries, whereas for anyone else he wouldn't. A person in love risks rejection by doing something silly for you, saying something that might not sound cool. People step outside their comfort zone if someone's worth it.

A person in love cannot hide his feelings forever, so don't fret if it's not obvious early on. A man in love does not play games or wait to call you. He will just need you, and it will be obvious to all, soon enough.

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