How Can You Tell A Man Is In Love

Finding love for a man is the ultimate challenge. Men are taught to be the provider and take care of a woman, showing emotion was never a major part of those lessons. Men look at women as their counterparts, so they look for that woman who will compliment them throughout the rest of their lives. That being said having a man to fall in love with you may be one of the most difficult task in life because their minds are trained to focus on one particular passion and when you add an outside influence to it, some men cannot adapt and incorporate love into their lives. That is where a good woman will elevate a man's focus, and create a new sense of self at the same time.

There are a few subtle signs that happen as a man is falling in love with you. The most noticeable is how he accommodates to your needs, meaning the way he starts to react to the things that make you happy. A man in love will put the needs of his woman before the wants of his friends. His heart will become dedicated to that woman and he will do whatever it takes to let her know that. Another sign is he will express his love in public, through gestures of affection. Things he wouldn't normally do, because of embarrassment he will now do because of how comfortable he is with you. He will begin to only worry about your perception of him and not the worlds.

Men also will begin to expect a lot from their woman, not in a demanding way but in a way that will put trust into the woman he loves. He will put his heart in her hands and expect her to cherish it. For example in the movie CASINO the character played by Robert Dinero gave his wife the only key to their safety deposit box to show her he loves and trust her more than anything on earth. That is the extent of a man who is falling in love he will put his greatest desires a side to give you your greatest desires. Ladies be weary of a man who has never loved because opening a man heart can have lasting effects on him, some good and some bad.

These signs will start to show as soon as the man feels this woman is for him, if you don't feel the same way towards him, its best to let him know before it gets too deep. A man looks for the love of his life, not to be in love and to fall out of love. Men have pride and ego, experiencing love from a man in this world where men are looked at as "dogs" or womanizers is a gift. Men love hard once they found the one to love unconditionally, you have to be tender to a man and his heart, because he doesn't get over a lost love like a woman can, men lack that emotional scale. Those signs will give the right woman, the time to measure how much she loves him without forcing the relationship.


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