How Can You Tell When a Man Is in Love With You

How can you tell when a man is in love with you? While men can be notoriously stoic and aloof, a man in love can wear his heart on his sleeve, bearing his genuine emotions for all to see. A man in love is bound to betray himself, no matter how hard he tries to hide the signs.

Care Instead Of Lust
When a man's emotional and physical lust for you are gradually replaced by care, you can assume that he's falling in love. Lust does not have to be physical. It can be a shallow fascination with your looks, the way you make him feel in public or the way you fulfill his own needs. Indeed, early in a loveless relationship, a man may be more concerned with your butt than your gut. When a man begins to love you, he starts to speak positively about your quirks and habits that might be unattractive to other people. He likes the way you chew, sneeze or snore. He starts to laugh affectionately at your faults, and he will show concern when you're ill or upset.

The Look And Feel Of Love
When a man is in love with you, he looks at you in a different way. Before a man loves you, he may not look into your eyes much at all, or his glances are reminiscent of how he glances at a co-worker. When a man is finding love with you, he gazes into your eyes, and his look may include a hint of sadness buried within. This sadness is nothing but an expression of the power of love and romance, and it signals the odd sense of exhaustion we all feel when we're bowled over by someone else. But this yearning can be resolved by a gentle touch in the form of a hug or kiss, and the tenderness between you will grow.

He Tells You
Love is about honesty, and true love can turn the most hardened man into a romantic gentleman. A man who loves you deeply will tell you so, and honest claims of love don't have to be gushy, sappy or forced. Rather, a true declaration of love can break through the detective games of deciphering a man's true feelings. So many songs have been written about the magical three words, and not coincidentally. Love is real, and a man who feels it will tell you so.

Thank You, Man
A man may be in love with you before he even realizes it. The looks, the touches and the caring actions can signal love like red flags. When love reigns strong enough to crack any remaining façade, a strong man in love will tell you so. Remember that men are human; they can hurt or feel joy like all sentient beings. Be patient, read the signs and be grateful for love when it comes.

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