How Do I Know If He Loves Me

"How do I know if he loves me?" Almost every woman in a relationship eventually asks herself this question. It's sometimes difficult to tell whether your boyfriend has deep feelings for you and wants to invest in a long-term relationship. Sometimes men are not interested in a love relationship, while others are but may not be the best at saying so outright. Here are some surefire signs that he is in love with you.

1. He remembers. Whether it's what kind of cheesecake you like best or your mother's name, when he remembers the details about important things in your life, it shows that he's investing in your interest and is eager to prove that he's worthy of you.

2. He chooses you. When you need his help, you are sick or you just want to spend time with him, he doesn't blow you off for his friends. While it's healthy for couples to spend time apart, a man in love is willing to put you above all else when you really need him.

3. He talks to you. If he's interested in only the physical aspects of the relationship, he's not in love. However, if he loves your mind and spirit as much as he loves your body, he's falling in love. If he loves talking to you about lots of different subjects or just to chit-chat, it's a good sign that he's slowly falling in love with you.

4. He's concerned about your safety. Is he constantly checking your car's tire pressure, or does he offer to fix that broken lock on the door? When a man cherishes a woman, he desires to make her safe from harm.

5. He helps you. A man who pitches in, from dishes to running errands, is concerned for your happiness and doesn't mind sacrificing his time for you. Serving the one you are with is a reflection of love.

6. He gives you gifts. While this action alone isn't a guarantee of love from your man, it can signal that his feelings are deepening. When the gifts become thoughtful and personal, more than just flowers or candy, he may be trying to express his love through his generosity.

7. He surprises you. Seeing you happy is something that a man in love lives for. Whether it's a secret note you find in your bathrobe pocket or a surprise weekend getaway, when he plans things to make you smile, he's most likely in love.

8. He talks about your future together. A man who discusses his future with you in it is obviously investing in the relationship with the hopes that it will last a long time. Men in love do not change the topic when it concerns future plans with each other. This is one of the surest signs of love.

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