How Do I Know If My Girlfriend Loves Me

"How do I know if my girlfriend loves me?" This is a common question for a guy in a long-term relationship. If you and your girlfriend have yet to say "I love you," there are some signs of love you can look for to see if it may be on the way.

Unspoken Signs Of Love
Non verbal communication skills can help you pick up on some of the physical signs of love. Heavy petting is a fantastic sign of attraction but not necessarily love. Love is more subtle. When you're in public, does she reach for your hand to hold? Hand holding is sign that your girlfriend is in love with you and isn't afraid to show it. Other physical signs like hugging or curling up close at the movies are good indicators that love is in bloom.

Conversational Clues
Of course, it's easier to know if she just out and says it. But, if she has yet to drop those three little words, you can still pick up signs of love from other conversation. What do you talk about with your girlfriend? Does she mention plans for the future, such as moving in together? If your girlfriend talks about the future and it includes you, it means that she can picture you playing an important role in her life down the road. Wanting to be together in the long run is a wonderful sign of love.

Signs Of A Strong Commitment
If your girlfriend really loves you, her love will start to manifest in other ways as well. She'll probably surprise you with gifts or plans for special occasions. She'll comfort and console you when you're having a bad day. Most of all, she'll listen to your needs and concerns and promote and encourage your happiness.

If you notice any combination of these signs, chances are your girlfriend has entered love town, population you.

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Falling in love is one of the most mysterious and amazing things in the world, and it can be hard to know whether or not someone is falling or not. There's a huge difference between liking and loving or even lusting and loving someone. If you're careful and watch for the signs, you'll be able to identify someone falling in love.

Knowing when to say "I love you" is a tricky task.The phrase is only three words long, but it's a big event when a person first says this in a relationship.If you say it too soon, you risk scaring or intimidating your loved one; if you say it too late, you risk your partner feeling as if you don't care.
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