How Do I Show My Girlfriend I Love Her

"How do I show my girlfriend I love her?" Relationships require an investment of time and energy. When you take the time to express your love to your girlfriend, it lets her know how cherished she is and how hard you are working to make the relationship succeed. There are several ways to show your girlfriend how much you love her.

1. Compliment her sincerely every day. Rather than say something generic, find something specific to compliment her on. Don't just focus on her looks-dig deeper and look for things you like about her skills, talents, personality and spirit. Complimenting her in front of others will earn you an added bonus.

2. Show interest in her life. Ask questions about her likes and dislikes, including her friends, family, hobbies and passions. Even better, participate when you can, and genuinely try to learn from her.

3. Be helpful in all aspects. Whether it's doing simple chores or helping her solve a big family crisis, sacrificing your time and comfort is a real act of love.

4. Make her feel special. Sometimes just listening to her can make her feel like the center of attention. Pair that with small gifts, surprise notes and occasionally flowers for no reason, and she'll always feel like a princess in a fairy tale getting signs of love from a charming prince.

5. Talk about your future together. When you want to communicate that you are serious about a long-term commitment, discuss the future and how each of you fit into that. Make plans together, and then work to make them happen.

6. Admit mistakes, and ask forgiveness. Everyone makes mistakes, but few own up to them. A loving couple can ask for and grant forgiveness and won't hold grudges.

7. Be truthful at all times. When you start bending the truth and covering up things with lies, you are risking her trust. Respect her opinion of your integrity, and never let it become tarnished by lying.

8. Say the words. While you don't want these words to become so commonplace that they lose meaning, saying "I love you" with feeling and tenderness will communicate your heart's desire. Combine the words with caresses and kisses for the ultimate message of love.

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