How Do Men Show Their Love

How do men show their love? Well, mostly it's through their actions. Some men like to wax philosophically about their everlasting love, but most like to show you they love you in big ways and in small. Pay attention to how he treats you, how he touches you and how he acts around you in front of other people. If he's caring and protective and shows that he's the one you're with, then he's exhibiting powerful signs of love.

He Stands By You
One of the biggest signs of love in your man is that he is loyal and will stand by your side in any situation. He will make sure no one harms you. They will make you happy and will stick up for you when you need them to. Doing these things shows profound love more so than any verbal declaration of love could.

It's In His Kiss
You can tell a man's true love for you by the way he is with you physically. If he kisses you gently, hugs you and wants to be by your side, then it's the real thing. Small touches matter, too. If he holds your hand in public or kisses you on the head, he's signifying his feelings for you. Overt and over-the-top public displays of affection are not necessary, however. Groping or making out in public may be a sign that his feelings for you aren't necessarily pure.

They Make You Feel Special
Whether he's slowly falling in love or head over heels, you'll know it because you'll always feel like his one and only. He'll make you the center of his world, and more important, he'll let everyone in his world know about it. It's a big sign when you hear his friends or family telling you how much he cares. If they can tell how much he loves you, it's definitely in the bag.

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