How Do You Know If a Woman Likes You

How do you know if a woman likes you? While a bold woman may leave no doubt in your mind, a shy woman may be sending signals of her attraction that you may not be picking up. Look for these signs to know for sure whether a woman is slowly falling in love with you.

Body Language
Eye contact is the first factor to watch for in a woman who likes you. If you catch her watching you, especially when she doesn't know you see her, it's a signal of her interest. Other body language takes place when you are conversing with her; watch for hair flips, lip licking, blushing and friendly touching. One sure sign of attraction that she may not even be conscious of is "mirroring," a subconscious mimicking of gestures. For example, when you lean back and fold your arms, she does so, too.

A woman will let you know via her tone of voice and what she says when she really likes you. Her voice will be cheerful and often slightly higher pitched than normal. She will always try to gather more information about you by asking about your work, your interests and your family, and she will laugh at any witty thing you say. An interested woman will drop hints about things she likes to do or things she needs help with, hoping you will volunteer to go with her. These signs of love will become more pronounced the more time you spend together.

A woman with an interest in you will somehow manage to be present wherever you are. If you start running into her more frequently, she may be positioning herself to "bump" into you. She may also make statements about being present at some future event that you will be attending, such as a conference or sporting event. If she drops hints about both of you attending together, that's a solid vote cast in favor of her interest in you.

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