How Does a Man Behave When He Is in Love

How does a man behave when he is in love? For women trying to figure out whether that really nice guy is just being friendly or wants to take the relationship to the next level, there are ways to interpret what he says and does. Once a woman learns the signs of love that men send out, she can welcome those advances or gently let him down.

Eye Contact: When a man is interested in a woman, he will make eye contact and hold the gaze. She may also catch him looking at her from across the room when he doesn't think she'll notice. Whether it's the first time meeting or the relationship is going from casual friends to something more, men are visually stimulated and like to look at the women they love.

Facial Gestures: A man's face is an open book when it comes to signaling attraction. A man will tend to raise his eyebrows, part his lips and flare his nostrils subconsciously when he's talking to someone he's attracted to. He may also smooth his hair down as a form of preening. These non-verbal communication skills let women know he's definitely interested.

Posture: A man trying to show his love to a woman will generally stand as straight and tall as possible. He's assuming a stance that pulls his muscles tight and squares his shoulders toward her. He may even stand with his hands on his hips or in his front pockets. A man signaling interest in a woman will usually lean in to talk to her, especially if they are in a crowded or noisy place.

Actions: Men who are interested in a woman will ask about her work, her family and her hobbies in an attempt to get to know her better. Other signs of love are that he does kind things for her, from holding open a door to hauling something in his truck. He may also alternate between warm and friendly and cold and removed. Due to fears of rejection, a man might play it hot and cold to gauge a woman's reaction to his presence.

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