How Men Think About Women They Love

Understanding how men think about women they love can be invaluable for a woman who can't quite figure out her guy. Often stereotyped as stoic and emotionally distant, men can be passionate and gushy when pondering the woman they're in love with. The nature of a man's thoughts about the woman he loves follows somewhat predictable patterns, and they can be understood with a bit of study.

Idealizing The Woman
Single men may idealize famous women or dubiously attractive ladies they meet in a dark bar. This sort of idealization tends to be based on fantasy, while men in love may idealize their partners in more realistic ways, such as focusing on the partner's smallest habits and quirks. Those quirks may be anything but charming, but when a man falls in love, he falls hard. Most men admire women, no matter how imperfect they may be. Realistic? No, but men engage in this sort of idealistic thinking about women they love, and it's reasonably harmless.

Looking Past The Physical
Dating men can be a drag for some women, if only because men can seem preoccupied with a woman's figure instead of her words. It's a fact that men are drawn in by looks, but when a man falls in love he begins to move past this and starts thinking about the non-physical aspects of the woman he loves. He thinks about how caring she is, and kind, or funny. Beauty fades, and sustainable love is based on deeper factors. Men in love know this, so when they love a woman, they love all that she is.

As A Friend
If a man tells a woman he thinks of her as a friend, she often takes it as bad news. In the dating world, being called a friend often means romantic rejection. However, a man in love can begin to think of his partner as a friend. With her, he can trade jokes, go to baseball games or dance like an idiot. By necessity, love means the melting away of inhibitions, and that melting away results in friendship, which can co-exist with love.

Man Thinks, Therefore He Loves
Men think about the women they love in a fundamentally different way from what they think about objects or male buddies. Their thoughts become passionate, caring and even sweet. To be in love means to be vulnerable, and this can be hard for men. Still, when love arises, a man cannot control his thoughts, and his partner can interpret the looks on his face as love.

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