How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You

Wondering how to make a man fall in love with you? First, you must realize that you cannot control anyone else's feelings. However, you can create the conditions that will make those feelings more likely. Falling in love has become more like a job these days, as the pool of available partners is shrinking daily. Dating services, extensive nightlife opportunities and desperation have combined to make fewer men available. While the art of finding love and romance may seem vague and complex, taking a few logical steps can expedite the process so you can find that special guy in the dating pool. 

Attractive And Elusive
Men enjoy a good challenge. Before a man can love you, he has to be interested in you, and you can secure his interest by being attractive and seeming unavailable. This means that you look your best, act your sexiest and even flirt. Simultaneously, you should always have somewhere you need to be, and you should always be the first one to end a conversation. Sound manipulative? It might be, but it's a part of a good-natured game. This way, the man will feel as if he's won a small prize when he begins to earn your affection, and he will respect you for not throwing yourself at him.

Getting Honest
Being too honest too quickly is a turn-off. No man wants to hear about your past on the first date. Remain mysterious. However, if you manage to hold onto a man for several weeks by being sexily aloof, then it's time to begin sharing deeper parts of your personality. Spice up conversations by discussing your love of films, sports or food. The transition from sexy to interesting takes time, but a man can't love you if nothing lies beyond your flirting abilities.

Care For Him
Caring for a man does not mean cleaning his house and folding his laundry. Rather, it simply means paying attention when he talks, appreciating his flaws and helping him when he needs it. If you're looking for a man who can buy you things and be strong at all times, you'd be better off buying a bodyguard. No, a man will not fall in love with you unless you truly care for him.

Do You Love Him?
Falling in love with someone is not a favor. In order to make a man fall in love with you, he needs to feel that you respect him, enjoy his company and maybe even love him back. Why would a woman want the love of a man she doesn't love herself? Before taking the above steps, check your motives. Don't attempt to earn a man's love to eliminate your own insecurities. That being said, taking steps to help a man appreciate your qualities can't do any harm. 

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