How to Make Him Fall for You All Over Again

Learn how to make him fall for you all over again and put your relationship first for a change if you think the two of you have forgotten about love and romance. Finding love in your everyday gestures will make your man realize how much you really do care.

When a couple gets too busy with work and responsibilities and settles into a rut at home, often the physical gestures of affection get overlooked. Besides taking time to reconnect in the bedroom, get more physical in other ways. Kiss him when he leaves the house, and again when he comes back. Hold hands when you go anywhere, and give him affectionate touches (such as on the back of the neck or the arm) as you pass.

Let him know the depths of your feelings for him. Put aside the worries and stress of life, and have fun together. Be more fun-loving and spontaneous with your man, and flirt with him whenever you get a chance. By making him feel desired and attractive, he'll feel loved. Give him compliments that are sincere, especially in front of other people. Set aside some times to discuss your goals and dreams, and listen to his. Remember to say "I love you" with real intent and feeling, rather than as a cursory comment.

Big Gestures, Little Gestures
Planning activities that are romantic and exciting make it easy to rekindle the romance. But the big gestures, like a getaway weekend or a visit to the location of your first date, can be supplemented with little romantic gestures. Leave love notes where he's sure to find them, such as in his jacket pocket, his lunch or the seat of his car. Surprise him by doing some of his work around the house for him, or remember to pick up his favorite snack. The little loving gestures will draw his attention to what you are expressing, which is that you love him.

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