How to Write a Love Letter

Emails and text messages might be easy ways of reaching out to the one you love, but a good old-fashioned love letter is unmatched in the romance department. Write a love letter by hand to truly show you care, and keep some simple tips in mind to make the letter even more special.

Stationery counts

A love letter can still be sweet on plain printer or notebook paper, but using a special colored or textured paper can give added visual appeal to your note. Evoke a more romantic time in history by using an aged-looking stationery, or use a calming and relaxing off-white or pastel shade.

For an even more personalized touch, you can even make your own paper, texturized with bits of fragrant herbs or dried flowers. Find some instructions online, and your beau will treasure your letter even more, knowing all the effort you put in.

Spritz the paper with a little bit of your signature fragrance, use a wax seal on the envelope, or find other ways to add a special touch to your note. You'll end up with a letter your lover will want to look at, touch, and maybe even keep by his or her bedside.

Create a romantic setting

In order to get in the right mindset to write your letter, create a soothing and romantic setting where you will not be interrupted. Play some music that reminds you of your significant other, dim the lights, and light up some candles.

Think about your favorite moments with this person, how you feel about them now, and what you would like to happen in the future. Reflect on these points and keep them in mind, as they will be useful during the writing process.

Write your love letter

Begin with the date, and with a salutation that describes your relationship. Don't be afraid to get a little flowery. You might want to use "my dearest," "my beloved," or "my sweet," or anything else that seems appropriate.

Describe the moment when you first met, or the moment you first began to have feelings for your loved one, and the powerful emotions you felt at that moment. The more detailed, the better. If you have been a couple for a long time, choose one of your favorite moments as a couple, and remind that person how great that moment was.

Next, describe your feelings for the person at the moment. Are you constantly amazed at how kind he or she is, or impressed by your significant other's passion for a particular hobby? Does your heart skip a beat whenever you see your special someone? Sometimes it's easy to take for granted that your significant other knows the feelings you have for him or her, when in truth that person might not. This is the time to put it all on display.

Finally, examine your wishes and dreams for your future with that person. Describe how you can't wait to see your significant other again, or how you're looking forward to growing old with him or her. Express your desire for that person to be a part of your life for the foreseeable future.

Close the letter with a sign off like "Yours," "Love Always," or "Kisses." You can even apply some lipstick and leave a lip print on the page for a personal touch.

Whether delivered in an envelope or rolled into a scroll and handed to your loved one, writing a love letter is a powerful and romantic way to show that you care.

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