Signs of People in Love That You Might Not Expect

Signs of people in love aren't that easy to spot. Knowing whether or not you are in love or if your partner is in love isn't like following road signs, and there is no big red stop. There are also no warnings when there are icy spots or curvy roads to travel.

Love finds you when you are least expecting it. It comes when you are not looking for it. Love is often blindsiding, but beautiful.

Love is something you grow into. You suddenly find yourself wondering how to describe your feelings. If you try to explain your feelings and they can't be defined with words, it is likely you are experiencing love.

You were probably so busy enjoying the moment, and you didn't even realize it was happening. Since there are so many forms of love, things seem so confusing. The truth is, love isn't a trick. There are many simple things that can signal impending love.

For many couples, finding love means accepting flaws. It means knowing the good and the bad details but loving your mate just the same. You are willing to overlook annoying habits and quirks just for the sake of the relationship.

When you are falling in love, you are more attentive. You want to spend more time with your mate, even if it is just hanging in for a movie. You call them for no reason. You just want to be close to them.

Those that are falling in love may attempt romantic endeavors. You may find yourself giving or receiving flowers or cooking a candlelight dinner for two. You want to impress the object of your affection and will do whatever it takes to prove that you are the one.

You may look in the mirror and see a big goofy smile. You walk around whistling and singing. People comment that you are on cloud nine or that you are way too excited about something. You just can't help it. It feels too good.

You think of them constantly. Your mind wonders to them morning, day, and night. It's hard to focus but it is hard not to think of your mate. Thoughts of them just make you way too happy.

You feel more attractive. You have a bounce in your step knowing that someone finds you more desirable. You pay more attention to your appearance, secretly hoping that you will run into them while you look so beautiful.

You feel cuddly and cozy. You know that you are safe when you are in their arms. You think that, if the world came crashing down around you, you'd be protected by your mate. You are secure when they are near.

Love is that nudging sinking notion in the bottom of your stomach. It is the butterfly dancing in your soul. Love is that very moment when it occurs to you that you wouldn't want to live without your mate and suddenly you realize it you can't remember what life was like before them.

When love finds you, you will know it. Your mate will sweep you off your feet and keep you on your toes. You won't have to worry about falling; instead, you will continue growing into a relationship with each passing day.

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