Signs of Someone Falling in Love

Falling in love is one of the most mysterious and amazing things in the world, and it can be hard to know whether or not someone is falling or not. There's a huge difference between liking and loving or even lusting and loving someone. If you're careful and watch for the signs, you'll be able to identify someone falling in love.

Watch to see how many times a person brings up a friend or loved one. If they're constantly talking about how great their friend is, then it could be a sign that the friendship is more than that. When someone is in love, the object of their affection is constantly on their mind, and they'll want to talk about them as much as possible.

Think about how this person makes plans: Do they always ask the same person to come along to every event? How often do they spend communicating with their friend or loved one? If they talk every single day - on the phone, through letters or email and in other forms - it could be a sign that they're truly smitten.

How does the person look when they talk about their loved one or when they are with them? Are they constantly smiling? Do they lean into their partner and hold their gaze? When a person is in love, they'll seem to light up around them or when talking about them.

If someone has introduced their friend or loved one to their family, it's a sign that this person is a major part of their life and someone special. Additionally, if this friend or loved one is invited to major family functions, this could mean love is in the air.

If two people can talk for hours without getting bored, this is another sign that the friendship or relationship is something more than casual. Think about what is talked about: If the subjects range from casual to intimate, it could be a sign that two people are in love, as they trust one another with personal details and thoughts.

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