Telling a Guy You Have Feelings for Him

When you have feelings for a special someone, you may be afraid to let him know how you feel. It is important to be truthful with your feelings, however, so you can find out if he feels the same way-or so he can tell you he doesn't and you can then deal with your feelings and move on. Telling a guy you have feelings for him probably isn't as hard as you think, and it requires just a little bit of preparation.

Face your fears

No matter how afraid you are of rejection, reassure yourself that the worst thing he can do is say that he's not interested in you in "that way." Being forthcoming with your feelings means that you can either transform your dream relationship into a real one, or stop wasting your time by pining for someone who doesn't return the favor. No matter how he responds, you'll likely find you feel a sense of relief after expressing your feelings.

Be direct

Men aren't known for their ability to take subtle hints, so take the direct approach and express exactly how you feel. This might require being a little more bold than you are used to, but you will leave no confusion about what you are trying to say. Whether you choose to write a letter, speak in person or plant a kiss on his lips, be sure you say or do exactly what you mean.

Timing is everything

The time to tell a guy you have feelings for him is not right before a final exam or during halftime of a football game he is playing in or one he's been waiting all week to watch. Leave time for quiet thought and discussion so that you both are able to express yourselves and there is time to work through any hurt feelings that could arise.

Consider the situation

In most situations, telling a guy how you feel is the right choice. In some cases, though, it might be better for you to walk away.

For example, if he is in a relationship, it might not be wise to bring up your feelings, especially if it could risk your reputation or cause serious drama. If he is drastically older or younger than you, this might be another situation when it's better to move on, or at least wait until later when the age difference doesn't matter as much. One party being in a position of authority over another, such as a boss or a teacher, for example, can also complicate things. In some cases, it can ruin lives.

If you are both single, however, and in a good place to become attached, there should be nothing stopping you from telling a guy you have feelings for him.

Either way, you're making a brave move, and chances are, the guy you like will appreciate your boldness. Expressing your feelings is a great way to set a relationship in motion or to find out whether you need to set your sights elsewhere.

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