Telltale Signs of Love

Here are some telltale signs of love that show the one you are falling for is falling back. A good man is hard to find. Trying to figure out if he is falling in love with you can sometimes be an even bigger challenge. If you are blinded by love and need some signal that he is on the same page, these signs will help.

He holds your hand in public: If he reaches for your hand in public, more often than not it's because he wants everyone to know you are with him. When a man isn't in love holding hands can be a very big deal. It indicates that he is off the market to the people around you. If you reach for your hand and he grips firmly back, you know that he has no intention of giving the illusion of singledom to the other females around.

He actually shares his feelings: Most men absolutely do not share their emotions, especially any emotion that might make them appear fragile or weak. If he's letting you in on his deepest secrets, passions, and fears these are signs of love.

He shows an interest in your passions: If he's reading up or asking questions about your favorite subjects, it's because he loves you and wants to know what makes you truly happy.

He makes plans often: If your guy is filling up your calendar, it's most likely because he wants to spend every second he can with you. This is one of the biggest signs of love. 

His family and friends involve you in their lives: You can always tell how someone feels about you by the way their family and friends react to you two together. If you are hanging out with his family on a regular basis, and they obviously like you, it's most likely because they know their son is in love.

He talks about moving in together: Your guy would never mention this unless he is in love and wants to spend every good and bad day with you.

The most important sign is that you are in love with him without an overabundance of anxiety. If you are in love, you trust him with your emotions and heart, and he makes you feel safe. This is the best of all the signs of love.

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Falling in love is one of the most mysterious and amazing things in the world, and it can be hard to know whether or not someone is falling or not. There's a huge difference between liking and loving or even lusting and loving someone. If you're careful and watch for the signs, you'll be able to identify someone falling in love.

Knowing when to say "I love you" is a tricky task.The phrase is only three words long, but it's a big event when a person first says this in a relationship.If you say it too soon, you risk scaring or intimidating your loved one; if you say it too late, you risk your partner feeling as if you don't care.
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Falling in love can be frightening, but even more nerve-wracking is debating whether or not to say those three little words first.

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