When to Say I Love You

Knowing when to say "I love you" is a tricky task. The phrase is only three words long, but it's a big event when a person first says this in a relationship. If you say it too soon, you risk scaring or intimidating your loved one; if you say it too late, you risk your partner feeling as if you don't care. If you can take a step back from your relationship, think about your feelings and take the time, you can say "I love you" at the best possible moment.

The first thing you should do is to think about how you feel. You want to make sure that you truly love the person you are with. If you simply really like the person or hope to fall in love in the future, now is not the time for you to falsely profess your love. How often do you think about your partner? What are your intentions with this relationship? If you think that you want to be in a committed relationship with this person and that you do genuinely love him or her, then the time might be nearing. You may want to start thinking about when to say "I love you". 

Think about your relationship and how far it's progressed. Have you met his or her parents? How often do you see and talk to one another? If the two of you are in a committed relationship, talk often and make plans together, it might be time to utter those three little words.

Take your time determining when to say "I love you" and create a special moment. You may want to plan a special date for the occasion or utter the words after a particularly moving moment, such as seeing a shooting star, or sharing a particularly moving conversation. Know that even if you say those magical three little words, that there's a chance that your partner may not say them in return. If this happens, try your best not to be hurt. Your partner might need more time before saying that they love you too.

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