First Date Faux Pas

Everyone has had those seemingly smooth sailing first dates and then out of nowhere, you're suddenly shipwrecked. You wait by the phone the entire day after, checking your phone to make sure it works, refusing to talk to anyone because you "need to keep the line clear" despite the fact that you have call waiting. So, when he doesn't call, you convince yourself that he's a jerk and call over your BFF for daiquiris and then let the man bashing begin. Listen up ladies, just because he didn't bluntly point out your mistakes doesn't mean that you're faux pas free; it just means that he was trying to be polite. Here are few mediocre mishaps that can cost you a second date and leave you deserted on no man's island, literally.

What do you do when you?'re still not completely over your last relationship? Do not date. You're simply not ready and you're just going to find yourself going on and on about your ex throughout your date, and this poor innocent guy is now checking all the exits and planning his escape route because you're tearfully pounding you steak knife on the table demanding to know "Why me? Why me?" which is exactly what your date is thinking to himself. Okay, okay, so maybe it's not quite that dramatic, but on your first date, the only thing your guy is interested in are your likes and dislikes, not an autobiography of your previous relationship. Right about now you're thinking "Why can't I just go on a date and refrain from speaking about my ex?" Well, the answer is simple, if you have to think about not talking about your ex, then you are clearly not over him and even though you may not realize it, you're subtly giving off signals that you're not emotionally available or stable, for that matter. So, if your lonely, call up your girl friends and ask them to hang out, it'll save you the rejection and you're friends are much better listeners when it comes to your heartache.

Here's a tip that every woman needs to take note of: rub a Snuggle dryer sheet on your emotions before your first date with a guy you're really into. Nobody likes a clinger. Sounds harsh, but it's true, no one likes an overly emotionally needy first date, or even second, or third, not even you, if you really stop to think about it. There has got to be at least one guy that you went out with that was gorgeous, financially stable, and even maybe made you laugh, but for some reason, the next day, you find yourself ignoring his phone calls, and then it hits you, he wanted you too much! Guys work the same way, sort of, if a woman over compliments him, he feels like you're kissing his butt rather than actually getting to know each other, which can come off a little creepy and make him wonder if you've got something to hide. So, keep your compliments to a minimum and any strong feelings you may have for him to yourself until you're a little more sure about how he feels about you. You need to realize that he might not be too sure about how he feels about you and when you pour out your intense feelings for him after one date, it makes you seem too available and to him that means there's something wrong with you and he's not about to wait around and find out what it is!

Last but not least ladies, one of the not so common mistakes a girl will make on that first date with her handsome hunk is being overconfident, because of the idea that low self esteem turns a guy off. Yes, it's true that a man likes a confident woman, but a plain out cocky gal can be a huge turn off. This is your first date, so going on for 20 minutes about how flawless you are is not only rude but no body's perfect and this will just challenge him to find one little flaw in you and blow it up, just to prove you wrong in his mind. Not to mention how self absorbed you'll come off, and your guy needs a little attention, too. Instead, pay him a couple compliments and thank him when he compliments you, and only talk about yourself when he asks you specific questions, and keep your answers short and sweet, leaving him wanting to know more.

Just remember ladies, even though you might be perfect for him, if you throw out the wrong signals, he's never going to find out. Take things slow and feel out a comfortable pace for both of you to sail off into the sunset, again and again and again.

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