First Date Tips from Beginning to End

Whether or not you like the person you're with, you want to end a first date in a way that signals your feelings about the person. You don't need to hold up a sign saying "Call Me" or "Get Lost." Instead, these first date tips provide several options for ending a first date that will allow you a smooth exit, no matter the situation.

Create a Time Frame

Before even going on the date, make sure you put a time limit on it. To end a date gracefully, you'll need to have a reason for leaving that is specific. By placing a time frame on the date, you have a reason to end it if it is not going well and a way to leave with a limited amount of awkwardness.

When choosing an activity for your date, be aware of how long it will take. Dinner is harder to leave because the length of the meal is tougher to anticipate than the length of a quick coffee date. When planning, think about the activity and the appropriate amount of time to spend on it.

Make sure you and your date are specific about your plans. Don't leave things up in the air because you may seem indecisive when you try to go. Remember, too, that if the date is going terribly, there is no shame in ending it early. Don't feel as though you have to suffer through awkwardness. If you are honest, you will save you and your date valuable time and energy.

Even if you are having a blast, stick to your time frame. By leaving on a high point rather than a low one, you will give your date a better impression of you, and your date will look forward to seeing you again.

What to Say

First date conversations are tough enough as it is, but always be honest. If you do not plan on calling the person, do not say that you will. If you want to see the person again, make sure to say you'd like to schedule a second date. Reference a piece of the conversation that you enjoyed, and thank the person for their time.

It is important to be as polite as possible, but, when you end a date, make sure you do not send mixed signals. For example, if you don't see yourself dating the person again, don't tell them this was the best date you've ever been on just to be nice. When you end a date, your words mean as much as how the date went.

Remember that there is no harm in being truthful. If, when you end a date, you do not want to see the person again, don't be ashamed about saying you might be too busy or uninterested in scheduling another meeting. You can be honest without being hurtful. Conversely, if you really enjoyed yourself and want to see the person again, say this at the end of a date.

How to Deal With Paying for the Date

When it comes to the check, always try your best to split it, which will set you and your date on equal footing. If your date insists on paying the bill, then you should insist on paying for the tip or buying dessert or some other piece of the date. You want to end a date on a positive note. If you each own or pay for a piece of the date, this is a good sign for things to come because you are asserting your independence.

Body Language

The end of a date is always slightly awkward. Let's face it: Dating itself is awkward. However, if you plan ahead, you can end your date with finesse. Decide beforehand how you plan on leaving the date. Will you shake hands, hug or kiss on the cheek? For a first date, you might want to keep your physical interaction to a minimum.

Understand that your actions at the end of a date matter as much as what you say. If you do not like the person, do not kiss them goodbye. Additionally, if you do like a person, do not run away at the end of a date without a polite goodbye and at least a handshake. In general, a handshake is respectful but neutral.

No matter what you do, you should feel comfortable. Even if you think you are head over heels in love, don't give your date a kiss if that is not in line with your personality.

How to Schedule the Next Date

If you end up liking the person, think about how to allude to this when you end your first date. Don't be overly clingy or mention anything remotely connected to commitment, but do let on that you enjoyed yourself and would like to see this person again.

You can simply state that you had a nice time and that you will be in touch, or you can try to schedule the next date. Whatever you choose, make sure that you and your date know that it is okay to contact each other.

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