How Do Men Think on a First Date

How do men think on a first date? While a man's thinking during a first date may depend on the woman and the setting, it is largely based on his expectations and the style of his personality. Every man has different needs and varying ideas about a first date's possible outcomes. These needs and ideas largely determine the man's thoughts.

The Romantic Man
Although it's hard for some women to believe, romantic men with hopes of love and marriage still exist. The romantic man tends to be chivalrous, and he may be an excellent listener. Regarded as "old fashioned" by some, the romantic man often has thoughts of long-term possibility during a first date. Upon meeting his date, the romantic man may be prone to thinking in terms of exaggerated impressions, straining to conceive of his date as "the one." Why does the romantic man think this way? It is partly because of his desire for deep connection and love. In the romantic man, this desire may be so strong that it blocks him from the reality of the date.

The Open-Minded Man
The open-minded man regards the first date as an experience, and one that can be enjoyed whether there is attraction or not. The open-minded man will be more likely than the romantic man to arrange a first date around an activity, such as bowling or a movie. During these activities, the open-minded man will likely be focused on his actions. That is, during a movie, he will be thinking about the movie. While playing miniature golf, he may be thinking about his putting angle. Incidentally, women often find the open-minded man to be attractive. Whether or not he is a successful ice skater or bowler, his ability to focus and have fun is seen as a sign of confidence, and it also suggests a distinct lack of neurosis.

The One-Night-Stander
Unfortunately, a sizeable number of men go on dates with the goal of seducing a woman. They consider dating to be a means to a sexual end, with the date itself serving only to assure the woman they want to "get to know her." While this may seem repulsive, a fair number of women who go on dates are looking for the same thing. Problems result if the one-night-stander and his date have different expectations. During a first date, this kind of man will think primarily about a woman's physical attributes and his own seduction strategy. Surprisingly, this kind of man can be quite self-conscious, going to considerable lengths to look cool and sexy in front of others.

I Think, Therefore I'm Man
A man has many ideas during a first date, and a large number of them are determined by his personality and goals. Once you know what to expect from a guy, you can figure out if you're compatible and if you have a shot at a second date.

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