What to Wear on a First Date

What to wear on a first date, to some people, could be what makes or breaks the evening. This isn't necessarily the be all end all of any dating situation, but wearing something that gives you confidence can set the mood. For both men and women, it's a good idea to find out where your date will be. Is it a romantic dinner? An outdoor hike? A quiet stay-in movie? For a first date, confidence is key. You can look sexy or studly without having to go outside way your comfort zone.

Classy and Casual
Men can pull off classy with ironed pants and shirt. Women pick up on small things such as a primped pair of khakis. Dark jeans, khakis and corduroy pants are playful but still have an air of class.

Usually, any shirt that isn't a T-shirt, sweatshirt or sport jersey is appropriate for the classy and casual look. Collared button downs, polos and rugby shirts or sweaters are a simple way to wow your first date.

For this style, any shoe is generally appropriate. If it's a first date in the middle of summer, a pair of nice sandals can be comfortable and classy.

The classy and casual look is a popular one for women on a first date. They have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing an outfit with this fashion style. Women can sport a pair of dark jeans or business slacks for a comfortable and classy look. A cute blouse - solid or patterned - can be sexy but still modest to impress a first date. For warm weather dates, a simple sleeveless shirt or tanktop over a pair of pants will prevent sweating, which everyone knows can be a drag.

Women often opt for a sexy dress-generally the little black dress. A form-fitting dress that is still modest can keep your first date guessing. A pair of knee- or thigh-high boots can really tie together the outfit.

For a first date that's all about the action and adventure, girls can still look cute, and guys don't have to be grungy. Girls can be comfortable and cute in a pair of gym shorts or spandex leggings. Too much spandex might grab your date's attention but in the long run, it can be a turn off.

Guys don't have to dress like the ultimate jock to strut his athletic ability. A pair of good-fitting wind pants, sweats or thigh-length athletic shorts provide mobility without a sloppy look.

Time of Day
You'll want to wear something different on a lunch date than on a dinner date. A first date during lunch time calls for much more casual dress-sundress or a cute tank top for girls and khaki shorts or pants and a polo shirt-than an evening date.

Of course, an evening date will be dressier if the outing is a fancy restaurant or a show-think slacks, collared shirts, ties, dresses, skirts and stockings. For a less formal date such as a movie or mini golf, the lunch date attire is perfectly acceptable.

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