Common Male Flirting Signals

What are the most common male flirting signals? Women would benefit greatly from learning how to read a guy; before a love-struck girl goes in for the kill, she could know without a doubt whether it's worth her time. While the signs of attraction for men and women can be all over the place, flirting is natural and we all do it. 

Most Common Male Flirting Signals
In many cases, male and female flirting signs are very similar: body language, touching, eye contact and smiling are some of the more common and popular flirting techniques for guys and girls. Men specifically, however, might fix their hair or tie before approaching a lady interest-not much different from women adjusting their tops or their hair. When it comes to touching, don't ignore an "accidental" brush against the arm or elbow. Men like to be subtle, but use your judgment about truly accidental physical contact, for example, bumping into you while he's looking the complete opposite direction. Cases in which your male interest is shy, you might have to make your flirtation signals a little more direct and obvious, as he may fear rejection if he is unsure.

Other Signs He's Flirting
Nonverbal actions are, like pictures, worth a thousand words. In fact, a new acquaintance's first impression of you is based 55 percent percent on your appearance and body language. Nonverbal flirtation should be subtle, otherwise it could be misconstrued.

  • Eye contact: Making and holding eye contact for one second shows flirtation and interest. But beware. Holding eye contact for longer may come off as threatening and uncomfortable.
  • Posture: If you're talking to a guy of interest and he's positioned his head and body toward you - and is even leaning in-that's a sure sign he's interested.
  • Touch: Fleeting and gentle touching is a tell-tale sign he is interested. A slight arm touch is one of the more common forms of flirtatious touching, and a hand touch is even more intimate and intense.


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