Guide to Flirting with Women

If you need some guidance when flirting with women, you'll need to remember that women get hit on much more often than men do. Women, especially beautiful women, are approached often, sometimes by really offensive men. Women who don't get hit on often may also be cautious because of the caliber of men who have approached them in the past. To successfully flirt with a woman, you need to take it slow and easy, proving to her that you are worth her trust.

Be Presentable
Personal hygiene is very important to women, so make sure to take a trip to the men's room before you approach a woman and check the essentials: nothing in your teeth, fresh breath, clean hands and nails, shirt smoothed out and hair in check. In you feel a bit greasy from a day at work or a night out at the bar, take the time to wash your face and freshen your breath with mints or gum that you can chew for a few minutes before you spit it out.

Make Eye Contact First
Without being lewd or obvious, check her out. Make eye contact with her at least twice so she gets the idea you are interested. If she turns away altogether, forget it, but if she looks away, then back at you again, consider that second look an indicator that she may be open to meeting you.

Introduce Yourself
A simple hi or hello is much preferable to a cheesy pick up line. You want to come across as sincere, decent and interesting. Introduce yourself simply saying something like, "Hi, I'm Bill. What do you think of this band?" or "Hey there, I'm Bill. I'm here with Joey's group. How do you know Joey?"

Keep It Genuine
While you may be tempted to put on a show, you'll get further if you engage her in a real conversation and smile a genuine smile. Don't grin like a Cheshire cat or smirk like a jerk; instead, share a relaxed easy-going smile that communicates you are interested in getting to know her and are having a good time. Hold her gaze, but look away every once in a while, too so she doesn't feel pressured or smothered.

Ask Questions and Share Tidbits About Yourself
Keep the conversation light, but interesting. Let her know who you are, what you do, and where you're from, and ask her the same questions. Try to maintain a "getting to know you" light back and forth conversation.

Watch Your Personal Space
Unless you're in a venue where you have to get close to hear one another, you're going to want to make sure you start out about arm's length apart and slowly move closer to her as you talk, watching for signs that she is comfortable or uncomfortable with the personal space between the two of you. If she leans in towards you, you can get closer. If she turns away from you, move back. Be especially careful with women who appear shy or uncomfortable with your attention.

Make Her Laugh
Women appreciate men who can help them relax and laugh, so feel free to joke around, especially at your own expense. It shows humility and self confidence if you can laugh at your own experiences and will make her feel comfortable in your presence.

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