How to Flirt With a Girl

Do you need help learning how to flirt with a girl? Flirting is not only an art, but it is also a science. Culturally variations aside, there are basic interpersonal signals we all give to prospective mates when courting. If you want to learn how to flirt successfully, you'll just need to follow these simple rules.

Make Eye Contact
Your eyes are your most potent flirting tools. Start paying attention to how little eye contact you experience from strangers. Most strangers will glance at you for less than a second, and most acquaintances will maintain eye contact for a slightly longer period of time. When talking to a friend, you probably maintain eye contact longer, but not extensively. Your eyes make a powerful statement, so use them. You can use your eyes by taking an obvious second look at someone, by briefly raising your eyebrows to initiate eye contact from across the room or simply by making and maintaining eye contact. You'll want to hold her gaze longer than usual, but not so long that the other person appears uncomfortable.

Your smile is your second most potent flirting tool. Make sure you smile in a relaxed, positive way, allowing your smile to reach all the way up to your eyes. By smiling, you signal to the other person that you are happy to meet them, you are a positive person and you are having a good time.  All of these signals will pave the way for an emotional connection between the two of you.  You want to appear approachable and easy to get to know.

Initiate Conversation
Forget the cheesy opening lines; just introduce yourself with a simple hello or hi. Relax as you introduce yourself; it will put her at ease if you don't come across as uptight. Instead say something simple about yourself, preferably related to the venue.  If you are at a work function, you could say something like, "Hi. I'm Bill. I work in accounting.  And you?" If you are at a party, use the host as your ice breaker.  You could say, "My name's Bill.  I know Carrie from UNCC. How about you?"  Make sure you ask a question right after introducing yourself so you can start a conversation.

Respond to Her Cues
Pay attention to how close she stands, if she's facing you and if she seems pleased that you initiated the conversation. If she moves closer to you, lean in towards her. If she turns towards you, make sure you are facing her and have an open stance that shows you are receptive to her. Maintain a steady gaze while she talks; glance away and then back at her when you speak to her. Keep the conversation going with light questions and answers. All this can become more complicated if you're dealing with a shy girl, so watch for signs that she's feeling self-conscious and look for ways to put her at ease. A well-timed joke or gentle touch on her arm or shoulder may help her relax.

Make Her Laugh
Women love men with a good sense of humor.  Look for opportunities to make a joke or confide something self-deprecating but amusing. If you can find a way to compliment her in a benign manner while making a joke, all the better.

Close the Deal
When it becomes apparent that you must move on, express how much you enjoyed meeting her and ask her if she'd want to keep in contact. Offer up your e-mail address or phone number. Hopefully she'll reciprocate with a smile.

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