Signs Guys Are Flirting

Even when watching for signs guys are flirting, you can get confused by outgoing, gregarious men or guys who seem to flirt with everyone. However, there are some telltale signs that he's truly into you and just you, if you learn how to read a guy right. Look for the following signs next time you're trying to determine if he's hitting on you or if he's just entertaining the crowd and enjoying your attention:

He's Focused on You
Is he entertaining the whole group, or do his eyes keep returning to you as he cracks jokes? Is he watching you for your reaction as he tells stories to the whole group? Does he lean into your personal space and whisper asides to you? A guy like this is flirting with you when he makes you the focus of his evening. This is how you can tell if that boisterous guy is into you, or just into the appreciation of a crowd.

He Initiates Something Private With Just You
Has he interacted with you as part of the crowd, or has he stepped aside to talk or dance with just you? A guy who is interested in you will try to pull you out of the group so you're just with him. You'll be able to tell if he's into by his eye contact, also. If he's digging you, his eyes will be on you and only you. If he's just passing the time, he'll be looking for another woman even while he's chatting with you.

He Asks You Questions
A man who's out just to joke around for the night will entertain; a man who's digging you will ask you questions about you because he wants to actually find out who you. If he leaves the silly stuff behind and starts asking you questions about your job or your background, he's showing genuine interest in you and only you.

He Touches You
Unless he's painfully shy, he'll probably touch you at some point or another. If you like him, touch him back-even a quick touch on the arm or shoulder will tell him you're open to being touched.

He Mentions a Future Meeting Opportunity
A guy who is interested in you will initiate seeing you again. If he's not sure you're into him, he may suggest a group activity so it doesn't seem so obvious that he wants to see you again. Perhaps when you say you're into biking, he'll tell you about a group bike ride that he leads on Saturday mornings. If you say you're into cooking, he may say he's been meaning to try a cooking class and ask if you know of any good classes.  If he's confident enough, he may ask for your contact information right out or offer you his.

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