The Signs of Flirting

Are those signs of flirting, or is that girl just the life of the party? Pay attention to these signs she's really into you so you'll know if she's making a move or is just the class clown.

She's Looking at You
If she keeps throwing glances in your direction, chances are she's putting on a show for your benefit. The eyes will give her away. Where the eyes roam, the heart follows. Return her gaze and try to lock eyes with her for a few seconds at a time. Once you make eye contact, try to keep it. If you can keep her in your sights, you can assume she's flirting with you.

She's Acting Out of the Ordinary
If you've been working with a shy girl and she's suddenly leaning into you at your desk at work or dressing in an appealing manner, then hanging around you at happy hour after hours, you can guess she's flirting with you. Watch for changes in behavior that indicate a woman is making extra efforts to get your attention.

She Touches You
Physical contact is a good indicator that a woman is flirting. Most women maintain at least some physical space between themselves and the men they know. If she touches you lightly while talking, leans into you to whisper in your ear or gives you a hug and peck on the cheek goodbye, you can guess she is flirting, especially if you are the only man she is doing this to.

She's Flipping Her Hair Around
Women fuss with their hair, bracelets, necklaces or beer bottles when flirting. This is to call attention to herself because she is excited about getting to know you. It's a kind of preening or display that women do unconsciously when flirting with a man.

She Compliments You
If a woman wants to win your affections, she'll usually lavish praise upon you. Go ahead and mention an accomplishment or recent challenge and see if she is supportive and flattering. If she comments on your appearance, know that she's going out of her way to tell you she likes you. You can take extra encouragement if she compliments you in front of a group of people. Then she's not only letting you know there's something she likes about you, but letting the whole group know she thinks you're something special.

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