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The gateway to a long-term romantic relationship is the kiss. Okay, it may not be the gateway, but how a person kisses can make or break the future of a relationship.

No one teaches us how to kiss. At least, no one teaches us how to kiss that we would readily acknowledge. Let's face it, the last thing you want to hear from your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or partner is, "Why don't you try this when you kiss me? So-and-so did it when I went out with him/her and it was really great!"

Some experts say that men and women kiss for different reasons, and each gender prefers a different type of kissing. For women, a bad first kiss means no more dates with the person giving her the kiss.

So what is a gal or guy to do? Well, there are tips on how to be an effective kisser.

Don't leave home without it

Unless you are obsessed with planning your relationship, your first kiss is probably going to come at a time you least expect it. That's a good thing, because it's spontaneous. That could also be a bad thing if you have chronically bad breath or just ate something to cause your breath to stink.

Carry breath mints with you at all times. That way you can pop one in your mouth if you see things getting more romantic with your date. Women may be more particular about breath smell than men, but why take that chance? Breath mints can be consumed without notice and make a huge quality difference to the person you are kissing.

Open your eyes

Keep your eyes open, at least initially as the kiss is starting. Why? If you are the person initiating the kiss, you will see as you are moving forward if your partner wants to even be kissed. If not, and he or she is demonstrating negative behavior or body language, you can back off with no harm done and (hopefully) minimal embarrassment.

Another reason to keep your eyes open, at least at first, would be so you can hit your target, which happens to be the other person's lips. Missing that person's lips and ending up kissing his or her chin or nose may sound cute, but it could also be a real turn-off for the kiss recipient.

French kiss

The French kiss, which is where the kissing pair insert their tongues into each other's mouths, can be romantic, but probably isn't advisable for a first kiss. If you see things getting more passionate, a French kiss may be in order and welcomed.

Non-romantic kisses

A non-romantic kiss should not be given to the other person's lips. This type of kiss, which can occur between old friends or between a parent and a child, should be on the person's cheek.

Kissing is not difficult to do, but determining the right kind of kiss and when can be a challenge.

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