Different Ways to Kiss

Humanity has developed many different ways to kiss and couples across the world are testing new ideas everyday. Though kissing is already considered an enjoyable activity, exploring different techniques makes it even better.

Different Ways to Kiss
Knowing several different ways to kiss can really help spark a fire in a romance that has grown dull. Understanding the different techniques also helps you read the way a person is kissing you and match your style accordingly. Learning how to deliver a powerful kiss that is perfectly matched to your date's preferred kissing style can be the most effective type of dating help available.

  • Butterfly kisses are cute and, when done correctly, softly tickle your date's skin. Give a butterfly kiss by quickly blinking your eyes against your date's face so that your eyelashes flutter against their skin. Give the kiss on a sensitive area of skin, such as the neck or lips, to give them a small shiver down their spine. 
  • Eskimo kisses are popular as displays of affection between parents and kids, but they're a fun way for couples to display affection as well. Instead of brushing your lips together, an Eskimo kiss has you brush the tips of your nose together.
  • Fairytale kisses are straight out of a storybook or romantic movie. Deliver a powerful, fairytale kiss by placing one hand firmly on the back of your date's head and the other on their lower back. Bend forward and push them backward, supporting their weight with your arms, as you deliver a passionate kiss.
  • French kisses are passionate and require a clean mouth. French kissing requires opening your mouth and rubbing your tongue against your date's tongue. The kiss can be sweet with just the tongue tips brushing or it can be passionate with the tongues twisting around each other.
  • Peck kisses are quick, cute, little displays of affection. A peck kiss is just a quick peck of your lips against a persons face. You can give an old friend or a new date a quick peck on the cheek to say goodbye. You can give your spouse a peck on the lips to remain appropriate in public or give your child a peck on the knee when they fall down.
  • Romantic kisses are sensual, firm and slow. A romantic kiss starts gently and slowly builds in intensity until it's filled with passion. The most common kind of romantic kiss is a long, open lipped kiss without tongue use. To give a romantic kiss, pull your date's lower lip between your lips, kiss him passionately and pull your mouth slowly away from his as the kiss ends.
  • Smacker kisses are a little wet, but amusing. Wet your lips with your tongue and pucker your mouth loosely to prepare for a smacker kiss. Throw your arms around someone a deliver a big, wet, sucking kiss to their cheek, forehead or mouth.
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Try out all of these different types of kisses on the love of your life for romantic experiences you'll treasure for a lifetime. You know the saying about how variety is the spice of life? Mix it up and keep it fresh in the romance department by trying a different kiss every time you meet.

What do certain kisses mean? How much should you read into a kiss? This romance guide is intended to provide dating help for those who need guidance interpreting that last smooch or who want to deliver kisses with unmistakable messages.

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