Famous Kissing Techniques

Knowing a variety of kissing techniques can be the secret key to creating romance and passion in your love life. Kissing someone the same way, day after day, gets boring for you and whoever you're kissing. The ability to mix and match different techniques helps keep your love life new and interesting.

Basic kissing techniques can be broken into friendly, romantic and passionate categories. Friendly kisses are quick exchanges that display no physical attraction. Romantic kisses are gentle exchanges that display two people's general mutual attraction. Passionate kisses are aggressive exchanges that display two people's intense mutual attraction.

Friendly Kissing Techniques

  • Butterfly kisses are when one person flutters their eyelashes against another person's skin. The eyelashes need to barely brush against the skin for the proper effect. When done correctly, a butterfly kiss gently tickles the skin.
  • Eskimo kisses are when two people rub the tips of their noses together. This friendly display of affection is useful in cold weather when a "wet" kiss would give somebody the chills.
  • Peck kisses are often used as a way to greet family and friends. A peck kiss is when two people quickly peck their lips together or when one person pecks their lips against another person's skin. Peck kisses use tightly puckered lips and are dry, simple sign of affection

Romantic Kissing Techniques

  • Ice kisses are adored by some people and hated by others. An ice kiss is when you let a piece of ice chill the interior of your mouth before kissing someone. When you deliver the kiss, the cold sensation will make a chill go down your lover's spine.
  • Nibble kisses are when you gently use your puckered lips to nibble against your lover's skin. You don't use your teeth for the nibble. Rather, you softly press your puckered lips around the flesh and nibble with your lips.
  • Seductive kisses are meant to make your knees weak and send shivers down your spine. A seductive kiss starts with your hand brushing against your lover's cheek or cupping their chin as you gaze into their eyes. You keep gazing into each other's eyes until the second your lips meet for a deep kiss.

Passionate Kissing Techniques

  • Bite kisses are aggressive and the type of kissing technique some people love and other people hate. Some of the best dating help you can receive is the understanding on how to judge if your lover likes biting or not. When you give a bite kiss, you take your lover's lip or tongue between your teeth and gently pull it towards you.
  • Fairytale kisses are dramatic kisses where one person "dips" the other backwards. Just like kisses in a Hollywood movie, a hand is placed on the lower back and the back of the head as you're bent backwards and your lover bends forwards to kiss you.
  • French kisses are a very personal exchange where two people flick and/or twist their tongues together. As long as nobody drools and the kiss is not sloppy, a French kiss is considered one of the most passionate kissing techniques around.
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