How to Kiss a Boy the First Time

Girls, if you are worried about how to kiss a boy the first time, go ahead and relax. Even though this step is a big milestone, it doesn't have to be so scary. Your first kiss may not be the very best kiss you will ever have, but that's OK. Whether you are worried about how your breath smells, kissing with braces or what to do with your tongue, kissing the first time can be as special as you hope-and a kiss you will always remember.


One thing teens worry about a lot is kissing with braces. If you are getting ready for your first kiss and either one of you have braces, there is good news for you-you won't get stuck together and no one's mouth will get cut. These are just silly rumors that may have started back when braces were much rougher and not as smooth and tightly fitted as they are now. Think about ityour braces are on your teeth and you don''t kiss with your teeth, do you? As far as feeling unattractive with braces goes, don't worry so much. If a boy really likes you and cares about you as a person, which should be the case if you're going to be kissing him, your braces won't have a thing to do with it.


Another thing girls worry about when they are thinking of how to kiss a boy is their breath. It is true that kissing with bad breath can be a less than perfect experience, so just make sure you have some breath mints stashed in your purse or pocket. If things are starting to look like they might be heading for the big moment, casually pop a mint in your mouth and ask your boyfriend if he would like one, too. Keep it light-the mint is just an ordinary thing, right? And you're sharing because you are just that kind of girl. Now the breath issue is out of the way and you can relax.


Relaxing is important for that first kiss. If you feel too nervous, you'll be tensed up and the kiss won't be as enchanting as it could be. Remember that the odds are good he wants to kiss you just as much as you want to kiss him, so go ahead and flirt a little, touch his hand or his arm, lean in a little and let him know you think he's special. Smile at him or even kiss him on the cheek. Don't worry-that first kiss will be just fine!

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