How to Kiss a Girl the First Time

Knowing how to kiss a girl the first time is always a concern for guys, no matter how old or experienced they might be. Whether you are 13 or 35, the first kiss can be a little intimidating. After all, if she doesn't like the way you kiss, will she ever go out with you again? It's hard to say, so do a little preparation to make sure the first kiss is special. Of all the dating help and romance advice you can find, how to kiss a girl the first time could be some of the most important, especially if you are feeling particularly nervous about that special someone.


One of the most important things about kissing a girl the first time is make sure the timing is right- for both of you. Just because you are ready for that first kiss doesn't mean she is. Has she given you any signals like touching your arm or your hand frequently when you are together? When you say good night after a date does she linger for a minute or two and maybe lean in closer to you? These can be good indicators that she is anticipating a kiss.


Another key point about timing-especially for the first kiss-is waiting until you are alone. Don't take the big step in front of a group of other people-you might embarrass her. Kissing is a personal event, so keep it that way. When the two of you are all alone and have been having a great time, especially if things have been a bit intimate in your conversation, a kiss will be much more welcome than at the local pizza joint in front of a crowd.


Finally, keep the kiss gentle and not too aggressive, especially the first time. Your lips should be moist, but the kiss shouldn't be sloppy or wet. Don't push too far, either-lips only, slightly parted is best for a first kiss. Deeper kisses or French kisses, should be saved for later on-once you know that she wants to kiss you just as much as you want to kiss her.

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