The Different Types of Kisses

Try out all of these different types of kisses on the love of your life for romantic experiences you'll treasure for a lifetime. You know the saying about how "variety is the spice of life" has merit, so mix it up and keep it fresh in the romance department by trying a different kiss every time you meet.

The Friendship Cheek Kiss
This kiss is a way to express friendship and affection. Gently kiss your friend's cheek as you give a hug. You can kiss both cheeks if you wish to be even more expressive. This is a good way to end a first date if you want to convey interest without being too assertive.

The Butterfly Kiss
This kiss is usually reserved for children and lovers being silly and playful. Place your eye against your love's cheek and flutter your eyelashes to tickle her cheek.

The Eskimo Kiss
This kiss takes advantage of the extreme sensitivity of your nose. Stand very close to your love and gently rub noses. This is a perfect snuggle move, as it conveys intimacy without being too sexual.

The Chaste First Kiss
This kiss is gentle and slow, placed on the lips but with the mouth mostly closed. This is a perfect first kiss at the end of a date when you want to communicate you want the relationship to progress.

The Lingering Kiss
Want to convey your desire to get more intimate? Kiss your love on his lips, but allow your kiss to linger, moving your lips slowly and sensually. Let your lips part slightly and vary your pressure before pulling back and smiling as you look into his eyes.

The French Kiss
Once your ready to take passion to a deeper level, you'll want to try open-mouth kissing, complete with the use of a little tongue. Make sure you take this slow, probing a little, then seeing if she will respond back with her tongue. Be careful not to overwhelm your partner, but rather build the excitement and intensity of deep kiss one after another.

The Neck Nibble
If you've been french kissing for a while, you may want to move the kiss from the lips to the neck. Gently place little kisses on your love's neck, slowly increasing your suction and intensity. Pay close attention to what he seems to like and what he doesn't like.

The Earlobe Kiss
Try taking your love's earlobe into your mouth, gently sucking and nibbling on it. Be careful not to make any loud noises or breath hard in her ear.

The Facial Love Kiss
Take your love's face in your hands and place soft, gentle, lingering kisses all over his face. Kiss his eyebrows, his nose, his chin, his cheeks and his eyelids. This is an incredibly intimate expression of love.

The Hicky
This famous kiss is meant to leave a mark as evidence that your interlude really did happen. When kissing on the neck, suck hard enough to leave a small bruise.  Make sure you don't hurt your love in the process.

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